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. . . at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.

Matthew 25:6

For the Christian, the future is not outlined in the stars, but the Holy Scriptures.  Yet, although it does seem obvious to most that our world is rapidly changing, and heading for a date with destiny–many are in a quandry about what, exactly, to make of biblical forecasts concerning our future.

Is the church raptured at the openning of John's apocalyptic Revelation (4:1), or do we go through great trial and affliction, to eek out an existence until the marriage supper of the Lamb?

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 preface-    Prepared for the Wedding?

Without Frames

 chapter 1 -  The Future is the Lord's

Without Frames

 chapter 2 -  Daddy's Fear - the fear of God

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 chapter 3 -  Don't Forget!  -prophetic rules

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 chapter 4 -  THIS GENERATION

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 chapter 5 Global Preparations

- trinity of evil (Babylon)

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 chapter 6  - Remnant Revival

-1st peace& 2nd return

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{the 3½ clocks}

Without Frames

When Christ came, the first time, religious leaders made several

errors, which limitted their ability to realize just Who Jesus is.

 One of these, was an assumption that passages,

apparently fulfilled in the  past (as in some of David's Psalms)

could not actually  have a been airmarked for a more serious

fulfilment, in the future.

Have, we in our day, made a very similar error, with some of the

prophet Daniel's forecasts? Come and see . . .

( see last update 5/2003)



Chapt 1 Goliath's   Song
Chapt 2 Oil War!
Chapt 3 Counterfeit Death/Real Resurrection


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